1. Never ask a sponsor to “Donate”: Ask them to “Join in supporting your Chapter” “Help build future professionals,” make their contribution about them too!
  2. Think Outside the Box: Just because you think a company isn't a good fit in terms of industry to be a sponsor doesn't mean there isn't a mutually beneficial opportunity there! Example: A high school theatre program partners with a car dealership. The connection: High schoolers are beginning to drive and the car dealership is put in a positive light for supporting the arts to these high school parents. // There's lots of connections to be made and with PR, they are almost endless. Possible connections: marketing/PR tactics, social media direction, products PR student need
  3. Get Personal: Make the direct ask to a sponsor! Social media and email asks are great, but sponsors love to see exactly who they are supporting. Ask to set up a video call if an in-person call is not available.
  4. Back it up with facts: Show why/how attending PRSSAIC helps students in your Chapter, utilize stories from past attendees who have built great networks and landed jobs/internships
  5. Send a Thank You: ALWAYS send a thank you for your sponsors, even if you shout them out on social media. Personalized notes can be the gateway to a lasting sponsorship partner.